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Tonight's Facebook Developer Garage – The Future [Feb 2010]

The Facebook Developer Garage is happening tonight from 6pm.

Next Event: 11th November

Join us for the next Facebook Developer Garage London, where as usual we'll be bringing you the very latest from the Facebook developer scene, coupled with fantastic speakers and talks to match. London Facebook Garage host Joshua March will give an overview of the platform changes, and will be followed by: 1. Iskandar Najmuddin from Nudge discussing the latest technical updates and changes to the platform. 2. Sebastjan Trepca giving a quick overview of MySpace Open Platform. 3.

Sponsor post - developer jobs available

CognoLink have two developer jobs available, and they want to share them with the Facebook Developer Garage community in London.
Jobs notice:
CognoLink are a central London based, leading consulting company serving the financial industry.

February's Facebook Developer Garage, London

January's Facebook Developer Garage, London

Josh with what everyone's talking about at the January Garage

Iskandar with the latest at the January Garage

Jonathon Howell on Linked in at the January Garage

Mark Baker on MySQL at the January Garage

Dan Lester on the iPlatform at the January Garage

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