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The Facebook Developer Garage London committee generally reforms once a year at its annual general meetings, and is made up of a team of volunteers who wish to help run the organisation. They meet most months, a few weeks before events, to debrief on activities and plan for the future.

Todd Chaffee

Todd runs MIKAMAI UK, a social media studio building the Facebook applications and Facebook Connect web sites that are making media more social.

As a chairman of Facebook Developer Garage London, he finds speakers and organises the monthly meetings. His personal goal for FDGL is to be a part of a community where the exchange of ideas and social media best practices are warmly embraced.

Follow him @ and you can e-mail .

Dave Nattriss

Dave is a freelance web developer and consultant with his company, building sites since 1995 and London-based since 2001. He specialises in projects for individuals and companies in the media (artists, publications, merchandising, television productions, digital marketing and more), and is a Facebook power-user and evangelist, as well as a Facebook developer. Dave is currently FDGL’s secretary.

You can subscribe to him at , he tweets as @natts and can be reached at .

Tom is an experienced Ruby on Rails application developer. He founded .:logicode in 2007 and is an active member of the Facebook Developer Garage London committee.

Eamonn Gahan webcam still

Eamonn is a developer at iPlatform where he spends his time keeping up to date with Facebook and building Facebook applications for major clients including O2, Swatch, Unilever, Fairtrade (and many, many more). He is interested in all things related to science and technology ranging from the Facebook Platform and Python to the Biochemistry lab bench. The personal side of Eamonn likes to swim, play video games and eat food that he has not cooked himself. This includes Facebook garage pizzas.

John Cole outdoors

A regular contributor to the London garage over the last few years, John’s specialty is the monetisation of applications. His day job is running the Adknowledge Social Games division in Europe which encompasses the Super Rewards Virtual Currency and Mobile Platforms, as well as Cubics, Adknowledge’s cloud-based adserving platform for display & video advertising inside social games & MMO's.

As well as being a contributor to the Facebook Developer Garage, he is also currently on the DMA's Social Council.

John is a huge Star Wars fan and was previously an officer in the British armed forces for eight years.

Geoff Hughes outdoor

Geoff is our Treasurer. He's responsible for financing each of our events, which would not be possible without the long term support of our awesome sponsors. Geoff joined the committee in October 2007 shortly after the Facebook Platform was launched. He designed and created the first eCommerce application on Facebook and has advised some of the world's biggest brands on their approach to social commerce, a.k.a. 'f-commerce'. He trades as

He tweets as and can be reached at .

Simon Cross portrait

Simon is a Platform Partner Engineer at Facebook, based in London. He works to evolve the Facebook API, and help people build Facebook's Data and APIs into their products and services.

Candy Chen Shuhui portrait

Candy is a Project Manager at iPlatform, Facebook's first in the UK. She oversees the planning and execution of social campaigns for a variety of blue chip brands, major agencies and celebrities, specialising in consultation services. Candy is also an Internet artist heading her own start-up, Mam-Mooth, and has landed herself a sponsorship by the Arts Council England to talk about Facebook, as well as being published on Routledge.

You can reach her on Facebook, as well as on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and numerous other social networking sites.

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