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Facebook Garage at the Social Media World Forum

The Social Media World Forum is now firmly established as Europe's leading social media event.

Matt Hosanee: Project Darkstar

Latif Lokman: "Teddiesville - Development and Monetization of a Virtual Pet Application"

Damian Routley: How the largest social game developers buy ads effectively on facebook

Nicolas Jacquart: “Papermint: relaunch of a social game”

Andrew Nutter: “What VCs are looking for from social gaming start-ups”

Next Event: 11th November

Join us for the next Facebook Developer Garage London, where as usual we'll be bringing you the very latest from the Facebook developer scene, coupled with fantastic speakers and talks to match. London Facebook Garage host Joshua March will give an overview of the platform changes, and will be followed by: 1. Iskandar Najmuddin from Nudge discussing the latest technical updates and changes to the platform. 2. Sebastjan Trepca giving a quick overview of MySpace Open Platform. 3.

Iskandar: Latest Updates

Part 1: Part 2: Part 2:

Our next event