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Iskandar with the latest at the January Garage

Jonathon Howell on Linked in at the January Garage

Mark Baker on MySQL at the January Garage

Dan Lester on the iPlatform at the January Garage

Cat Burton from Mind Candy discusses cyberpet widgets, the Moshi widget at January Garage

Chris Thorpe at January Garage


Do you want to post a job below? You'll also be featured in messages sent out to our Facebook group (almost 900 users) and in the handouts at each garage (70-90 paying delegates). Email for more information. Engineers and web designer WE R Interactive is a new London based developer bringing together the best skills and ideas from both the video-game and film industries to Facebook. We are currently recruiting both senior and junior engineers with experience of the Facebook platform.

Next Garage - 21st January!

After what feels like a long break, we're back for the first Facebook Developer Garage of the New Year on 21st Jan. We've got a jam-packed garage, with reports on the latest happenings on the Facebook and MySpace application platforms, Andy McLoughlin from Huddle talking about how they got selected to be a LinkedIn platform launch partner and their experience with LinkedIn compared to Facebook, Cat from Moshi Monsters talking about their experiences with Facebook, Santosh from Twitblogs sharing their experience of launching an Open Social container, and more - as well as free beer, pizza

BBC 'The Box' Flash Game Competition Now OPEN!

The Facebook Developer Garage London is helping the BBC to find a fun flash game as part of their ‘The Box’ project, tracking a BBC branded shipping container as it travels around the world, transporting goods by sea, road and rail, to educate about globalisation. They're looking for an enjoyable (and potentially educational) game which is related to the box project in some way.

Todd Fast, CTO of Zembly at the October Garage

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