Introduction and Facebook product updates - 19/01/2011


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  • Learning From Instagram’s Faux Pas
  • Winklevii Case Vs. Facebook Helps Warner Bros. Secure Superman Copyright
  • Social Media Jobs: 12 Gigs, Rumble, Brightroll
  • Tigerlily Adds Insights To Facebook Marketing Mix
  • Facebook Offers Admins The Ability To Promote Page, Get More Likes
  • Avoid Facebook Co-Founder And CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Other’ Messages Folder — For $100
  • FALSE ALARM: My Birthday Calendar Is No More Intrusive Than Most Other Facebook Apps
  • President Obama Signs Bill Allowing Netflix Use Sharing Via Facebook Into Law
  • Facebook For Every Phone Was The Top Page In 2012
  • Facebook Wants To Speak With Poke Users
  • Android: Facebook’s Springboard To The World
  • Will Facebook Be Forced To Charge European Users?
  • Get To Know Competitive Facebook Analytics Provider PostAcumen
  • Facebook Marketing Firm Ampush Adds CTO, CRO
  • Facebook’s First Designer, Aaron Sittig, Leaves Company For Second Time
  • Facebook Scraps Specific App Metrics, Moves To Tiers
  • Facebook Pages Manager For Android Launches In All Google Play-Supported Countries
  • Facebook Scores Painfully Low In Customer Satisfaction
  • Esurance Will Send One Facebook User To SXSW
  • Facebook App Provider North Social Debuts Mobile Platform Thumbprize
Todd Chaffee
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