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  • Facebook Is ’800-Pound Gorilla’ In 2012 Elections, Cites ‘CQ Researcher’ Report
  • Users Can Bypass EdgeRank, Opt-In To See All Facebook Page Posts
  • Facebook Power Editor Users Can Target Ads By Mobile Operating System, Device
  • Facebook Getting Into The Halloween Spirit
  • Facebook Lauds As Model Of Facebook Integration
  • Different Kinds Of Facebook Ads May Come To Your News Feed
  • Facebook Tests New Streamlined Timeline Layout
  • Stitcher Improves Facebook Integration, Launches Web App
  • Facebook Users Love To Check-in To Home, Pennsylvania
  • Man Who Claims To Own Half Of Facebook Can’t Find A Lawyer
  • Pablo Sandoval Rounds The Bases On Facebook During World Series
  • ‘We Are OK’ Tops Facebook Talk About Hurricane Sandy
  • AllFacebook Stats Rebrands Itself As Quintly
  • Facebook, Menlo Park To Discuss West Campus
  • Does The Facebook Organ Donor Life Event Change Users’ Habits?
  • George Takei, Mark Cuban Want More Facebook Fans To See Posts
  • SEC To More Closely Scrutinize Nasdaq’s Compensation Plan Over Facebook IPO Issues
  • New Facebook Tab App From Tabfusion Targets Talent Agencies
  • Facebook Executives Sitting On A Fortune Of Stock Value
  • Facebook Faces Antitrust Suit Over Virtual Currency
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