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Facebook Developer Garage - November 2009

Last week's Facebook Developer Garage received a massive audience as we took a look at the latest platform changes. We also talked about the legal concerns developers face when dealing with social networks, videos in Facebook and the relationship between PR and social media, amongst other interesting and relevant topics. If you missed it, check out the videos below!

Joshua March: Introduction

Cameron Church: "Video in Facebook: Viral vs. Destination"

Sebastjan Trepca: "MySpace is not dead, yet"

Geoff Hughes: PR and Social Media

Karl Bunyan: "Don't Give Up on Your Crappy App"

Live Broadcast of the Facebook Garage

The November garage is tonight! We'll be looking in detail at what the new platform changes mean for your apps, coupled with fantastic speakers and talks to match. For those not able to make it, our friends at Brightcove will stream this one live.  They'll also have a tie into a Facebook Livestream box and you will be able to embed the stream directly into your FB Profile. The stream will be live from 7pm here!

Next Event: 11th November

Join us for the next Facebook Developer Garage London, where as usual we'll be bringing you the very latest from the Facebook developer scene, coupled with fantastic speakers and talks to match. London Facebook Garage host Joshua March will give an overview of the platform changes, and will be followed by: 1. Iskandar Najmuddin from Nudge discussing the latest technical updates and changes to the platform. 2. Sebastjan Trepca giving a quick overview of MySpace Open Platform. 3.

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