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E4.com are celebrating the genius of game-making talent by giving them a new place to showcase their games, as well as a chance to win some some killer prizes. E4.com and the Golden Joystick Awards are proud to announce a new award category in the form of the E4.com Grand Master Flash Award, which will challenge web-based flash game developers to submit their new games to www.e4.com/joystick. The deadline is Sept 15th after this, a panel of judges will decide on a shortlist of 10 games, which can be played online at www.e4.com. The overall winner will receive £5,000 from E4.com and the coveted inaugural E4.com Grand Master Flash Award at the Golden Joystick Awards in October. The competition is open to ALL game developers, all they ask is that the game is original work which has not been commissioned by anyone else previously.

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