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is a suplement herbal that is shown to significantly and relatively quickly increase penis length and girth, while at the same time hardening erections, increasing libido and boosting sexual energy. Heard it all before? You probably have.

The truth is that people getting great results in their sex lives due to the use of Vimax and similar male performance enhancing supplements. Unfortunately for most unknowing customers there are some things that go on behind the scenes that don't get talked about.

For example, tests have shown that natural supplements like Vimax don't work in SOME cases. Not a piece of information you are likely to find highlited in the products promotional material. Luckily enough, and in the hope that I can assure no one is left out from the benefits I believe Vimax can deliver...I have found out why.

Study has shown that Vimax sometimes doesn't work ALONE. Here's why:

Vimax works by its natural ingredients causing increased blood flow to the genitals. The idea is that upon increased blood flow and circulation the tissues of the penis are forced to expand and grow to accommodate this new volume. That's the theory anyway. While for many men this is the case, for others the simple act of increased blood flow alone does not do the trick.The penis itself has to be physically exercised in conjunction with this increased blood flow to ensure any kind of lasting results.

Like a bicep at the gym, when put under physical tension, growth is forced and while the blood flow causes internal physical tension to some degree and expands the blood vessels inside the penis, the erectile tissue surrounding it is left unstimulated and quite often ungrown.

There are some simple exercises you can do along with your supplementation program to assist in the speed and longevity of results from taking Vimax. These are known as jelqing and involved prolonged squeezing and stroking of the shaft of the penis in a semi erect state to physically squeeze more of the newly circulating blood into the expanding vessels and erectile tissue.

This in effect doubles the effectiveness of the treatment because at the same time you are using two methods of expanding your erectile tissues rather than one. This can cut down on the time you are required to use the supplement and in doing to lessen the costs involved with continued usage.

Also because when exercising as well, you are doubly increasing your blood circulation to the genitals you can safely double the recommended intake of Vimax to two tablets daily further increase the speed and lasting nature of your results!There is no dependence effects after taking Vimax, you can stop after getting the results you want. Vimax complete. Gary Stephens runs an informational website on male enhancement products and endorses Vimax as the ultimate solution for penile enhancement. For more information on Vimax.


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