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Facebook Developer Garage April Slides

Slides from the previous Facebook Developer Garage.
Dan Borthwick

Doritos Dodgeball Hackathon Comp - win £1,000

Come along to AMV on the 25th and 26th April to take part in the Doritos Dodgeball Hackathon Competition. For the Dodgeball Challenge, people are going to be able to take control of real ball firing machines, and fire balls at real dodgeball teams and celebrities over the whole of May. The aim of the hackathon is to build a fun Facebook application to run alongside the campaign, related in some way (but use your imagination).

Next Facebook Garage: 8th April

Hi Guys and Girls It's been a while, but we're happy to announce the return of the London Facebook Garage.

Developers making over $700,000 month on Facebook

According to Techrunch, at least one of the clients of Social Media are making over $700,000 a month from a suite of Facebook apps.

February's Facebook Developer Garage, London

Habbo Hotel's Oisin Lunny to speak tomorrow on monetisation of virtual worlds

Today we confirmed Oisin Lunny, the UK's country manager for Habbo UK, to speak at the Facebook Developer Garage London tomorrow on the monetisation of virtual gifts and worlds. We'll also be looking at the new Facebook APIs on status updates, posted links and video uploads, and what this means for application developers.  And buy tickets here! More about Oisin Lunny and Habbo As UK Country Manage

January's Facebook Developer Garage, London

Josh with what everyone's talking about at the January Garage

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