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  • Study: 22 Percent Of Web Pages Reference Facebook
  • Oracle Adds To Facebook Marketing Portfolio With Involver Acquisition
  • Facebook To Increase The Number Of Ads You See — To 10
  • Spotify Searching, Sharing, Stats Added To Musical Artists’ Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Launches Malware Checkpoint
  • Some Women Primp To Extremes To Look Good On Facebook
  • Buddy Media Offers Tips To Master Facebook Ads, Timeline
  • Ralph Lauren Facebook App Gives U.S. Athletes An Olympian Send-Off
  • TheFind’s Glimpse Facebook App Alerts Shoppers When Items They Liked Are On Sale
  • Hulu CEO Jason Kilar Might See Himself At Facebook Soon
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Sneaky Facebook Apps That Collect Personal Information
  • GroSocial Rebrands Facebook Marketing Suite Customizer As GroSocial Platform
  • Yoga Instructor Fired For Banning Facebook During Yoga Class … At Facebook
  • Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Votigo Rolls Out Social Marketing Suite
  • Facebook Allows Pages To Test Ad Options Without Publishing Posts
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Suggested Changes To Facebook’s Engagement Rate Formula
  • Interact With Tonight’s MLB Home Run Derby On Facebook
  • Does Facebook Cause Anxiety?
  • Facebook Plays Key Part In How People Discover, Share News
  • Facebook Acquisition Will No Longer Support APIs, Shuts Klik App
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