Guest Post: Warm traffic and extreme social media

Post by Toby Beresford of Nudge

Couple of new phrases we’ve been using in Nudge to explain how brands should be using social media.

Firstly social media offers the chance of higher engagement “warm traffic” - users “warm up” on a social app and when taken to another property like a  website are much warmer customers and more likely to convert, i.e. signing up to an online newsletter.  Warm traffic is one of the main benefits of a social network marketing campaign.

Extreme social media is the approach where your brand is promoted more by how it is described on social  (what people say about it) and less by what you say about it. It’s a risky approach but if you want to try it - check out - see what the extreme social media version of my personal Toby Beresford brand might be.

Toby B according to extreme social media tool skittlr

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