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May Garage: Overview and Apps to Watch by Toby

OpenSocket: porting Open Social Apps to Facebook

Geoff Hughes on how he made a business purely through garage networking…

IdeoMag Presentation


Due to some legal issues, we’re unfortunately not able to show publicly the video of the Spotify presentation. However, I was blogging whilst I was watching, and got down most of the details:


We’re now listening to Jon Mitchell from Spotify, a new music (desktop) app from the people behind Skype. It’s a free, legal, on demand music streaming service that’s ad-funded (both audio and online).

They’re determinedly not a social network, but have many social features to share playlists, recommend music, etc, and have very sophisticated ad targeting. They do some similar stuff to last.fm (e.g. a radio player that recommends music) – but you can listen to full tracksindefinitely, compared to Last.fm’s 3 times. They also have the ability to purchase songs through them (via retailers at the moment), although they say this isn’t a focus at the moment, as they’re more about exploration than ownership.
They’re showing a demo of the app on Mac. It’s similar to iTunes, a good idea considering the huge number of users of iTunes familiar with the layout, and it seems pretty slick. It has a playlist feature so you can put together favourite artists and songs etc. They asked someone to shout out a band and straight away got to Devo and started playing, which is pretty impressive – it showed all of their albums and artwork and he dragged an album into a playlist.

Ashley Ward to speak at July event

Just confirmed Ashley Ward from European Leadership Programme is going to speak at the July 9th event. Topic is likely to be “How to get funding for your Facebook app”