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Newspepper reporting at our last garage!

Sponsor Post: FREE yes I said FREE

So if you are a Facebook developer and you want to deploy in a scaleable low cost manner, where do you go to ?

1. The moon

2. Tescos

3. Startup Essentials.

Simple, Sun Startup Essentials in conjunction with Joyent now have a FREE offering for both Facebook developers and Open Social to allow you to deploy your application in a Joyent Accelerator for free for 12 months, yes FREE.

So if you want to scale, test the market or just look at how cool OpenSolaris is then get to


and sign uo today, this is a OpenSolaris deployment on Sun x86 hardware, this means low power consumption and scaleable applications from day one, balances the environment and allows growth quickly for developers.

So simple, even I can understand it.

Joshua March on application design: does the ‘Facebook Style’ matter?

Mat Clayton, CEO of Wakari who brought you Become Rambo, tells us about his new App based on the new hit film Hancock.

Matthew ‘Chewy’ Trewhella from Google tells us the latest on Open Social.

Ibrahim Amdy tells us about his exciting new Formula One App

Brad Rees and Jon Hill from Mediacells explore the future of mobile advertising on Facebook apps

Iskanda Najmuddin from Nudge tells us What’s New

Tom Gallagher on Apps to Look Out For

Running list for Wednesday!

The July Facebook developer garage for London is on Wednesday evening. More details can be found on the but the running list currently looks like this:

  • Ashley Ward CEO of European Leadership Forum gives essential advice for raising money for your Facebook App.
  • Brad Rees and Jon Hill from Mediacells explore the future of mobile advertising on facebook apps
  • Matthew ‘Chewy’ Trewhella from Google enlightens us a bit on OpenSocial 0.8
  • Mat Clayton CEO of Wakari, developer of Become Rambo tells us about his new cross platform app for the upcoming film Hancock
  • Joshua March from iNetwork marketing is back with part two of Tweaking your App
  • Exciting news on a Formula One Application

The event is hosted by Sun Microsystems at 45, King William Street, London.