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Facebook Developer Garage – December 2009

Last week we had the last Facebook Developer Garage of this year. We looked into different aspects of social games and other interesting and relevant topics to developing for the Facebook platform.

If you missed it, check out the videos below!

Iskandar Najmuddin: What’s New on the Facebook Platform?

Matt Hosanee: Project Darkstar

Latif Lokman: “Teddiesville – Development and Monetization of a Virtual Pet Application”

Damian Routley: How the largest social game developers buy ads effectively on facebook

Michael Smith: How they made Moshi Monsters social outside of Facebook

Dan Lester: “Making Flash happen in Facebook apps”

Nicolas Jacquart: “Papermint: relaunch of a social game”

Andrew Nutter: “What VCs are looking for from social gaming start-ups”