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Facebook Developer Garage – December 2009

Last week we had the last Facebook Developer Garage of this year. We looked into different aspects of social games and other interesting and relevant topics to developing for the Facebook platform.

If you missed it, check out the videos below!

Iskandar Najmuddin: What’s New on the Facebook Platform?

Matt Hosanee: Project Darkstar

Latif Lokman: “Teddiesville – Development and Monetization of a Virtual Pet Application”

Damian Routley: How the largest social game developers buy ads effectively on facebook

Michael Smith: How they made Moshi Monsters social outside of Facebook

Dan Lester: “Making Flash happen in Facebook apps”

Nicolas Jacquart: “Papermint: relaunch of a social game”

Andrew Nutter: “What VCs are looking for from social gaming start-ups”

Next event: December 9th

Join us for the next Facebook Developer Garage London, where as usual we’ll be bringing you the very latest from the Facebook developer scene, coupled with fantastic speakers and talks to match.

Confirmed speakers:

1. Latif Lokman on how they developed, launched and monetised their new app Teddiesville

2. Damian Routley from This is Glow discussing the new Facebook ad planning tool they’ve built with TBG

3. Michael Smith, from Mind Candy, discussing how they made Moshi Monsters social outside of Facebook.

4. Dan Lester from iPlatform discussing the challenges of working with Flash in Facebook

5. Nicolas Jaquart, from Blouzar, going through the reason why the first version of Papermint didn’t work one year ago, the social interactions in the game and how they want to monetise it.

6.Andre Nutter, from Balderton, talking about their investment in social game company Wooga (maker of the hugely popular Facebook app Brain Buddies), and what VCs are looking for from social gaming start-ups.

We’ll also have the usual catch up from host Joshua March and the latest platform updates by Iskandar from Nudge, and of course beer, pizza and networking!

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