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Guest Post: Warm traffic and extreme social media

Post by Toby Beresford of Nudge

Couple of new phrases we’ve been using in Nudge to explain how brands should be using social media.

Firstly social media offers the chance of higher engagement “warm traffic” – users “warm up” on a social app and when taken to another property like a  website are much warmer customers and more likely to convert, i.e. signing up to an online newsletter.  Warm traffic is one of the main benefits of a social network marketing campaign.

Extreme social media is the skittles.com approach where your brand is promoted more by how it is described on social  (what people say about it) and less by what you say about it. It’s a risky approach but if you want to try it – check out http://www.skittlr.com – see what the extreme social media version of my personal Toby Beresford brand might be.

Toby B according to extreme social media tool skittlr


sun joyent

Developing the next hot application for Facebook, OpenSocial or other Social networking platforms? Designing and architecting your application to be able to serve millions of users? Developing on infrastructure that costs nothing when you have only a few users and grows at a reasonable cost as you capture millions of users?

All this running on OpenSolaris at Joyent, scales as you scale…

So go to the FACEBOOK DEVELOPER SITE NOW and sign up.

Jemima Kiss live write up of F8 conference for PDA Digital Content Blog (Guardian)

At our special live F8 garage, Jemima Kiss from the Guardian came along and live-blogged the event. Read up her write up here: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/digitalcontent/2008/07/facebook_f8_mark_zuckerberg_re.html

Sponsor Post: FREE yes I said FREE

So if you are a Facebook developer and you want to deploy in a scaleable low cost manner, where do you go to ?

1. The moon

2. Tescos

3. Startup Essentials.

Simple, Sun Startup Essentials in conjunction with Joyent now have a FREE offering for both Facebook developers and Open Social to allow you to deploy your application in a Joyent Accelerator for free for 12 months, yes FREE.

So if you want to scale, test the market or just look at how cool OpenSolaris is then get to


and sign uo today, this is a OpenSolaris deployment on Sun x86 hardware, this means low power consumption and scaleable applications from day one, balances the environment and allows growth quickly for developers.

So simple, even I can understand it.