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July Garage: Facebook Pages

At this months Garage we took a look at Facebook Pages. We had talks from the agency VCCP who came along to speak about their Compare the Meerkat campaign and how they reached almost half a million fans for a fictional character promoting a financial comparison website; and ITV came along to discuss how they’ve used Facebook pages to promote all of their major TV shows, and the lessons they’ve learnt about using social media effectively. We also looked at what’s possible for applications in Facebook pages, including running applications through tabs, applications which encourage users to add tabs to their own fan pages, and publishing content to the stream.

Talks Below.

Vladimir Oane: Building the Conversational Graph

Vladimir Oane

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Buster: Compare the Meerkat

Buster Part 1

Buster Part 2

Buster Part 3

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Ben Ayers: Why ITV Is A Fan Of Facebook

Ben Ayers Part 1

Ben Ayers Part 2

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Iskandar: What’s New?

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Toby Beresford: Running Apps On Your Facebook Page

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