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Tonight's Facebook Developer Garage – The Future [Feb 2010]

The Facebook Developer Garage is happening tonight from 6pm.

fbExchange.Net - a new site for Facebook development answers

With Daniel Schaffer (author of the .Net Facebook API Client) I’ve put together a Stack Overflow-type website for Facebook developer help called fbExchange.Net. It’s intended to build as a knowledge base and to be focussed more on tech than the official discussion format.

Facebook Garage at the Social Media World Forum

The Social Media World Forum is now firmly established as Europe's leading social media event.

Facebook Developer Garage - December 2009

Last week we had the last Facebook Developer Garage of this year.

Matt Hosanee: Project Darkstar

Latif Lokman: "Teddiesville - Development and Monetization of a Virtual Pet Application"

Damian Routley: How the largest social game developers buy ads effectively on facebook

Nicolas Jacquart: “Papermint: relaunch of a social game”

Andrew Nutter: “What VCs are looking for from social gaming start-ups”

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