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Facebook Developer Garage April Videos

Dan Borthwick

David Tenemaza

Matt Beswick

Guest Post: Warm traffic and extreme social media

Post by Toby Beresford of Nudge

Couple of new phrases we’ve been using in Nudge to explain how brands should be using social media.

Firstly social media offers the chance of higher engagement “warm traffic” - users “warm up” on a social app and when taken to another property like a  website are much warmer customers and more likely to convert, i.e. signing up to an online newsletter.  Warm traffic is one of the main benefits of a social network marketing campaign.

Extreme social media is the skittles.com approach where your brand is promoted more by how it is described on social  (what people say about it) and less by what you say about it. It’s a risky approach but if you want to try it - check out http://www.skittlr.com - see what the extreme social media version of my personal Toby Beresford brand might be.

Toby B according to extreme social media tool skittlr

Doritos Dodgeball Hackathon Comp - win £1,000

Come along to AMV on the 25th and 26th April to take part in the Doritos Dodgeball Hackathon Competition. For the Dodgeball Challenge, people are going to be able to take control of real ball firing machines, and fire balls at real dodgeball teams and celebrities over the whole of May. The aim of the hackathon is to build a fun Facebook application to run alongside the campaign, related in some way (but use your imagination).

Come along, either by yourself or in teams (and teams will form on the day!), for fun, hacking, pizza, and the chance to win £1,000 as the winning team - and a host of PR and kudos. Hosting for the winning app will be covered completely by AMV.

The competition will be starting at 10:00am on Saturday morning, with apps being judged and the winner announced on Sunday evening, with everything wrapped up by 6pm.

Sign up, and we’ll be sending more info shortly. See you there!

More info over at the event page:

We hope to see you there!

Next Facebook Garage: 8th April

Hi Guys and Girls

It’s been a while, but we’re happy to announce the return of the London Facebook Garage. We’ll be welcoming you back on the 8th of April at the usual time of 6pm, talks start at 7pm.

At this month’s Garage:

We’re going to be focusing on monetisation of applications, in a slightly different format than normal:

Showcasing speakers from Pet Pupz and Kramaley Games on their experience of monetising their apps, then short talks from OfferPal Media, Social Cash and AdKnowledge (three of the leading social network ad and offer companies) on their best advice on structuring your apps to maximise monetisation.

We’ve also got Dan Borthwick, Head of Multi-Platform Technology at Playfish, speaking about the new Facebook Connect for iPhone and what they’ve learnt porting their Facebook apps to a mobile device.

The talks will also be followed by a sure-to-be informative, 20 minute Q&A with the speakers.

Free beer and pizza as per usual, as well as some great speakers and fine networking opportunities.

We’ll see you there!

Get your early bird tickets now!

Be sure to join the group to be kept up to date and get notified of the next event too: 


Developers making over $700,000 month on Facebook

According to Techrunch, at least one of the clients of Social Media are making over $700,000 a month from a suite of Facebook apps. Apparently it’s not one of the big game developers, but they’re not saying who they are only that “this was spread over 30+ of the client’s applications, but the company only consists of a handful of (very prolific) developers”.

If nothing else it shows there’s certainly serious money there to be had.

Full story here.

February’s Facebook Developer Garage, London

Habbo Hotel’s Oisin Lunny to speak tomorrow on monetisation of virtual worlds

Today we confirmed Oisin Lunny, the UK’s country manager for Habbo UK, to speak at the Facebook Developer Garage London tomorrow on the monetisation of virtual gifts and worlds.

We’ll also be looking at the new Facebook APIs on status updates, posted links and video uploads, and what this means for application developers. 

And buy tickets here!

More about Oisin Lunny and Habbo

As UK Country Manager of Habbo UK, Oisin combines 19 years of experience in the media, music and technology industries. In addition to the day-to-day running of Habbo Oisin oversees the deployment of integrated marketing and advertising campaigns to encourage site growth. 

Habbo is the largest and fastest growing Virtual World and Social Networking site for teens globally, with over 124 Million registered characters. This presentation will share insights gained from Habbo’s nine years of experience in creating an immersive environment for teens, looking at integrated advertising campaigns, and the creation of an in-world economy through virtual currency and gifts.�

January’s Facebook Developer Garage, London