Next Event: 11th November

Join us for the next Facebook Developer Garage London, where as usual we’ll be bringing you the very latest from the Facebook developer scene, coupled with fantastic speakers and talks to match. London Facebook Garage host Joshua March will give an overview of the platform changes, and will be followed by:

1. Iskandar Najmuddin from Nudge discussing the latest technical updates and changes to the platform.

2. Sebastjan Trepca giving a quick overview of MySpace Open Platform.

3. Andy Moseby from Kemp Little talking about the legal concerns developers face when dealing with social networks.

4. Karl Bunyan from Social Cash will deliver a talk cleverly titled “Don’t Give Up on Your Crap App”.

5. Cameron Church will present on behalf of Brightcove, discussing the creation of a Facebook app by Virgin Media.

6. Geoff Hughes from Social Media Guy will discuss changes in the integration of PR and social media.

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